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Throw Down Level - 1


3 Hours


6 Weeks

A Beginner Throwing Course.


We are in transition changing classes to workshops.

A new program will be on offer in the second half of 2024.

3 hours, once a week for 6-weeks.

Aimed at the complete beginner as well as students with basic throwing skills.

This course is perfect if you want to learn to make your own pottery in a class setting.

This process-driven course focuses on the importance of wedging and centring to be able to throw successful shapes. This is the foundation of all vessels thrown on the pottery wheel and covers the primary techniques for cylinders, cups and bowls.

Course Covers:

• Introduction to wedging.

• Essential tools and use.

• Body & Hand position for successful centring and throwing.

• Trimming footings (it's harder than it looks!).

• Handle attachment and surface decoration and hand-building.

• Introduction to glazing (the do's and don't's), in Glaze Lab class - week 6.

Glaze Lab:

Please read about Glaze Lab, as there is a small additional fee for glazing.

In Glaze Lab, you will use a selection of MdR Ceramics glazes covering brush-on and dip applications.

Glaze Lab offers a wonderful introduction to the craft of glazing and finishes off your pottery to become usable pieces.

At the end of the course, you will have a selection of your handmade creations to take home or gift away!

Included in Course:

• Tool use.

• Mid-fire stoneware clay use.

• Glaze

• 2 x Firings.

• Tuition.

*An age limit of 16 years and over applies to this class.

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