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Throw Down Level - 2


3 Hours


8 Weeks



We are in transition changing classes to workshops.

A new program will be on offer in the second half of 2024.

3 hours, once a week for 8 - weeks.

Throw down-Level 2 takes you beyond the beginning stages of throwing. It is also the course to start if you have previously completed Throw Down Level-1 or a term or two at Polytech and can successfully centre clay on the wheel. Being able to centre clay is a prerequisite for Level - 2. Through the advantage of being in a small class, there is room to further extend your previously learnt skills.

This course aims to allow students to continue learning at a more progressive beginner level and expand on existing knowledge. Students will throw more independently and begin to master control towards intermediate shapes. You will begin to understand the behaviour of a clay body under force and learn to correct mishaps.

Course covers:

• Spiral Wedging technique.

• Explore different utilitarian forms.

• Increase size thrown.

• The importance of repetition.

• Discover various throwing techniques through tool use.

• Recycle clay slop.

• Begin to understand the terminology used.

• An introduction to different glazing techniques in Glaze Lab.

• Understanding clay body types and firing temperature ranges.

• An introduction to glaze chemistry; base glaze with additions of oxides and stains.

• Studio Set Up - learn the equipment/materials needed to create a successful home ceramics studio.

Glaze Lab:

Please read about Glaze Lab, as there is a small additional fee for glazing.

In Glaze Lab, you will use a selection of MdR Ceramics glazes covering brush-on and dip applications.

Glaze Lab offers a wonderful introduction to the craft of glazing and finishes off your pottery to become usable pieces.

At completion, you will have a selection of your very own handmade creations to take home or gift away!

Included in Course:

• Tool use. Feel free to bring your own!

• Mid-fire stoneware clay.

• Glaze.

• 2 x Firings.

• Tuition.

*An age limit of 16yrs and over applies to this class.

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