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About Melanie dos Remedios

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About Melanie dos Remedios holding bowls


Melanie dos Remedios is an Australian-born, New Zealand-based Ceramic Artist. ​Her work shows a diverse range, going beyond the stereotypical potter crossing from small run production throwing for cafes and restaurants to limited edition narritive pieces to intricate sculptures for collectors. Her sculptural pieces have seen her specialise in historically driven anatomical figures, botanical porcelain sculptures, and interactive, playful works encouraging the viewer to become hands-on and involved, the polar opposite to the usual hands-off approach to sculptural works. ​Melanie loves story-telling, and you will find her narrative works as surface decoration on a cup, dish or plate and visually through her sculptures. Her Dunedin centrally located studio, MdR Ceramics, runs workshops and classes part-time throughout the year, dependent on the studio's workload. These classes have become highly sought after, usually selling out within 24 hours after release. ​ Associate Diploma of Arts - Fine Arts. Majoring in Sculpture, Hamilton TAFE, Australia. Waverley Woollahra Art School, Bondi, Sydney. Associate Diploma of Arts - Ceramics. Southern Sydney Institute of TAFE.

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