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Frilled budvase

St Hilda's Collegiate School, Dunedin

A commission of 30 Frilled Bud vases. A revisit of a past design. Iron speckled stoneware clay.

Frilled Budvase

Raven's Lectory Bookshop and Gallery

A unique Commission for a unique Gallery and Bookshop in Dunedin.

A process of hand-illustrated inlaid design with black underglaze in the Mishima style on porcelain.

Silhouettes and Ravens
Playful Ravens
Splashing out

25 Dimpled Yunomi (cup) in white and saturated copper. Illuminate specked buff clay body. 

Revology Concept Store, Wanaka

25 Splashed-out cups in white and saturated bronze. Illuminate specked buff clay body. 

Dimpled Yunomi

Private Wedding, North Island

A private commission for a wedding. Large 40 cm platter

and salad bowls.

Large platter and bowls
Platter and Salad bowls

Millhouse Restaurant, Millbrook Resort, Arrowtown

A complete re-design for the season. New designs in multiples of 30, design brief, a mix of light tones.

Folklore Finegoods, Clyde

Square Caramel Cup without a handle. Black clay with small handmade studio bead wrap.

Square Caramel Cup

Ode, Wanaka

The design brief for dark and stormy colourways.

34 of each design. 

Tea Party Set, Wanaka

The design brief for a child's afternoon tea set. With snack plates and cups. Piwakawaka Plates and Kowhai Flower cups. 6 of each.

Childs afternoon tea set
Piwakawaka tea plate

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